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From the moment I pulled up to the house, I was in love with the greenery and the house itself sitting on top of the hill. And when I walked in, I was awed by the lobby, the chandeliers, the over-sized furniture, the decor! It’s an absolute playground for any videographer.

Our first time at The Grand Estate at Hidden Acres. Freeport, Pennsylvania

Venue Highlights

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It should come as no surprise to you that I was excited to travel to Puerto Rico to film our first wedding at the Villa Dezecheo. I’m from Puerto Rico, as you might already know, and though it’s a small island, it would have been my first time in Rincon. So, with my Airbnb booked, my mom and I set off for a new adventure to the unknown.

Tropical Wedding at Villa De Zecheo for Teresita and Carlos Rincon, Puerto Rico

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